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Related article: Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 22:15:51 +0200 From: fleetwood Subject: african farm 2 (interacail)AFRICAN FARM 2.Simon and John left the dairy shower room and crossed the farmyard, as they entered a field and closed the gate behind them they saw Daniel the black man in charge of the labourers when the farmer was away. He was on the far side of the field and making his way towards a stream that bordered the field and it was lined with trees and bushes. They called out but Daniel didn't seem to hear them and continued into the bushes. The two men broke into a fast jog, hoping to catch Daniel but by the time they had crossed the field and entered the tall bushes and trees, Daniel was no where to be seen and the two men were out of breath and sweating. "Oh man! Now I'm sweating like a bull." Complained Simon as he stopped at the water's edge and bent to scoop water with his hand and drank. Not content with that he splashed water over his face and undoing the buttons on his shirt he scooped water and splashed water under his arms. John stood watching him and reaching for his swelling cock he fondled himself. "You look good brother! I can't stop thinking about you and that white kid." Said the black Zulu in his native language. "You looked good yourself, especially when the little white boy was licking your cock!" Smiled Simon as he looked up from his crouching position next to the water. "If you don't stand up quickly I'm going to make you lick my cock the same way." Joked John as he playfully stepped forwards and thrust his hips towards Simon suggestively. "Becareful my brother! I won't just lick your cock, I might bite it." Laughed Simon as he playfully bared his teeth. "Have you ever?" Queried John. "Have I ever what?" Asked Simon. "You know, ever sucked another man's cock or had another man suck your cock. Now don't tell me yes a woman has because no woman can suck a cock like another man can?" Stated John with earnest. "So you know all this?" Asked Simon the big burly man as he looked up at John and the huge bulge in his khaki shorts. His eyes widened slightly and he unconsciously licked his lips, as he felt his cock twitch and begin thickening down his leg as neither of them wore underwear. "What's it like to suck another man's cock and what does it feel like?" Questioned Simon as he unconsciously squeezed his hardening cock. "It is like hard steal covered in soft moss and it tastes like sugar and salt together and the one whose cock is been sucked feels as though his cock is in a virgin's hole only tighter." Explained John. "How can you find a hole tighter than a virgin?" Queried Simon, "what are you telling me brother?" "A man's mouth and shit hole is much tighter than a woman, believe me brother, I have been there!" Boasted John. "I've never heard of this." Stated Simon in bewilderment. "When I went away and worked on the mines, there are no woman in the hostels and men need their release so they make do with what holes they have and many men together leads to all kinds of things." Explained John as he fondled himself boldly. " This talk is making me hard!" Exclaimed Simon as he stood and displayed a huge bulge in his shorts. Taking this as consent John stepped closer and began unbuttoning his fly. He looked at Simon and smiled reassuringly as he popped the last button and his hard throbbing 10" cock leapt free and throbed to the beat of his heart. This prompted Simon and he undid his fly buttons and released his 9" thick ebony c
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